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Open/Close Menu Anglican church of Good Shepherd-Protea, Kirstenbosch, Newlands and Bishopscourt, Cape Town, a chapelry of St Saviours, Claremont, at the centre of reconciliation and restitution in the post-apartheid era in South Africa

Good Shepherd-Protea Cross of Nails Time Line:

1991:    Revd Paul Oestreicher from Coventry Cathedral visits the Parish. Prayer Group on the first Friday of the month started; a regular activity and blessing since then.

1997:   Hosting of the Coventry Cathedral choir. Organist Marc Murray from St Saviour’s first played the organ in Coventry Cathedral on this – and subsequent – visits to UK.   Canon Chris Burch from Coventry Cathedral visits the Parish in 2001 and 2004. Revd Oliver Scheugraf and Mrs Margaret Middleton visit the Parish in 2004 and several times after that. Revd Henriette von Reupprecht visits the Parish in 2007.

2000:   Coventry Cathedral invites Eileen Nomdo, Stella and Cecil McLean, Cedric van Dieman and Jenny Wilson to attend the first international CCN Conference.  Presented with the Cross of Nails admitting the parish to the International Community of CCN, thereby becoming one of over 160 centres worldwide putting St Saviour’s and Good Shepherd on the international map. This cross is in the Lady Chapel at St Saviour’s.

2002:    Brent Sasman and Anthony Davids of St Saviour’s represent South Africa at the first international CCN youth conference in Germany.  Volmoed and Hope Africa are given their crosses by Canon Chris Burch from Coventry Cathedral, admitting them to the CCN.   Protea land claimants who chose financial compensation receive their cheques.    First meeting of three SA CCN Centres with Bishop Peter Lee preaching at Good Shepherd.

2004:    Robina Bryant, Herby and Jeanette Halls from St Saviour’s, Joy Francis, Cedric van Dieman and Charly Wilson from the Protea community, Eileen Nomdo and Jenny Wilson from Good Shepherd-Protea attend the second international CCN Conference in Coventry, joined by members from other CCN Centres in South Africa. In recognition of the work of reconciliation in the parish, Jenny Wilson admitted as a Companion to the Order of the Community of the Cross of Nails. Good Shepherd presented with their own cross by Mrs Margaret Middleton & Rev Oliver Scheurgraf, so that both St Saviour’s and Good Shepherd have a constant presence of a Cross of Nails as a permanent reminder of our responsibility and commitment to a ministry of reconciliation to which we have been called.

Four new centres in the WC are given their Crosses and admitted to CCN.   Facilitation of the translation of the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation into Afrikaans and Xhosa with the help of Revd Cedric van Dieman, Herby Halls, Revd David Russell and  Mrs Di Oliver.  Ds Koos Oosterhuizen of the Bible Society checks the Afrikaans and Xhosa against the English Litany taking into account the underlying theology.

2005/6:    St Saviour’s is the headquarters for the preparation for the second international CCN youth conference which we host together with assistance from members from other CCN Centres in the Western Cape. Parish members and others who participate in the organisation included Ps Hartmut Ebmeier of the German CCN, Herby and Jeanette Halls, Deirdre Legg and Jenny Wilson – and youths from our parish who attend the conference included Megan Counsell, Marcia Benjamin and Radden Stuart. Forty two young people from ten different countries arrive as strangers and leave as friends. This, once again puts St Saviour’s parish on the international map.

2007:   Jenny Wilson attends the CNN Second President’s meeting in Coventry Cathedral. The Litany of Reconciliation in Afrikaans and Xhosa is included on the Coventry Cathedral website.

2009:   Canon David Porter from Coventry Cathedral visits the centres in the Western Cape and preaches at Good Shepherd-Protea. Six young people from SA including Megan Counsell and Marcia Benjamin from St Saviour’s attend the third international CCN youth conference in Poland, sponsored and organised by the German CCN.

2010:   Tenth anniversary of St Saviour’s and Good Shepherd membership of CCN, celebrated 15 August

2011:    In August, St Saviour’s, together with Good Shepherd-Protea, celebrates the eleventh anniversary of becoming a Cross of Nails Centre, with a special service at St Saviour’s. We also commemorat the Twentieth Anniversary of Canon Paul Oestreicher’s visit to the Parish in August, 1991 when he brought us the Coventry Story of Reconciliation  which inspired us to pursue this ministry in our parish.


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