Open/Close Menu Anglican church of Good Shepherd-Protea, Kirstenbosch, Newlands and Bishopscourt, Cape Town, a chapelry of St Saviours, Claremont, at the centre of reconciliation and restitution in the post-apartheid era in South Africa

Heavenly Father, author and inspirer of all things holy,
hear our prayers for our new Church.
Living God, ever since this church was first built by the faithful members of Protea Village in the 1880s, it has been used to the sound of singing.

This building has seen baptisms and funerals;

This building is where people have come to be married or celebrate the birth of a child;

This building is where people have wept, and been filled with joy;

In this building people have wrestled with the deep things of life, have prayed urgently, been stirred and changed.

In this building where you, the Good Shepherd of your flock, have always been with your people, be with us especially now as we re-consecrate this building in God’s name. Re-open our hearts so that we can absorb your love and be with us as we celebrate the power that you gave us to enable us to save this church for future generations.

We thank you Lord for all those people who gave so generously of their time and money so that the necessary funds could be raised.

We thank you Lord, for the skills and dedication of all those involved in the building programme who re-built this church, stone on stone, beam on beam, tile on tile and prayer on prayer.

We pray that this little stone church in the future, will not only serve the neighbouring suburbs of Bishopscourt and Fernwood, but also a re-built and thriving community of Protea Village.

Over the last few years, our focus in your congregation has very much been inward looking. We have concentrated our resources and efforts on re-building our church. Now that this has successfully been achieved, give us the will, the means and the determination to reach out to others who are in need in this strife-torn and troubled land of ours.

God the Father bless this church

God the Son, defend this church

God the Spirit, keep the members of this congregation in your eternal love, now and for evermore……..Amen.

by Andrew Wilson of Good Shepherd-Protea

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