Open/Close Menu Anglican church of Good Shepherd-Protea, Kirstenbosch, Newlands and Bishopscourt, Cape Town, a chapelry of St Saviours, Claremont, at the centre of reconciliation and restitution in the post-apartheid era in South Africa



 O Lord of new life, for your blessing we pray:

Make holy the joy of this festival day.

We celebrate guidance, we celebrate light;

Rejoicing, we meet here again in your sight.


O Lord, our Good Shepherd, you give us this place,

A home where we share the rich gifts of your grace.

Embraced by the mountain and gardens and trees,

We see your warm care and your love in all these.


O Lord, our Good Shepherd, we enter through you,

A door for your sheep, to enjoy life that’s new,

For which we here offer our thanks and our praise,

In Eucharist gratefully all of our days.


O Lord, our Good Shepherd, we join with your flock,

Our families and friends in this house built on rock.

When others we serve, true ubuntu we show

And grow fully human through people we know.


Good Shepherd, we ask you to be our life’s guide,

To tend us and send us, and stay by our side;

To lead us, and feed us with your bread and wine;

By your Holy Spirit our lives to refine.

Written by John Gardener for the re-opening of the Good Shepherd church in June, 2010.


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