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In 2012 it was decided that Good Shepherd should adopt a cause that we could take a personal interest in. After some searching, Judy and Chris Tippett introduced us to Miracle Kidz, a home for abandoned babies and children in need of emergency care. Miracle Kidz is now very much part of the Good Shepherd family. Occasionally we are blessed with a visit from Elsie du Plessis, her daughter, Nadine, and some of their beautiful babies and young children.   

Elsie du Plessis with her husband, Ras and one of her little charges


The Miracle Kidz story really began in Elsie’s own childhood when, at nine months old, she was abandoned by her parents and shunted from one foster home to another. This gave her a special love for babies and children in need of care. Elsie and her husband, Ras, officially started Miracle Kidz in 2006, although they’d been caring for babies and children since 1997.




The children enjoying a Christmas party in 2012

The children enjoying a Christmas party in 2012

How it all began

‘It has always been my desire to care for abandoned babies,’ says Elsie du Plessis, ‘and in 1997, a mom placed her tiny baby in our care. He was later placed in foster care. In 2004 we became foster parents to a little girl, 18 months old, and a year later, to a boy, five months old – both of whom we have since adopted.

In 2006 we decided to become full time safe care parents for children, and since then, have cared for many babies and toddlers, and occasionally older children, later placed in foster care with other families or returned to their homes.

There is always much work to be done at Miracle Kidz. Here, Beryl, a carer, tends to the children’s clothing


Ours is a safe house; not an orphanage. The children do have biological parents and we care for them until they can be reunited with their families or placed in foster care. We do not only see to it that the children are fed and clothed, but also provide a loving temporary home to them, tending to their illnesses, broken hearts and spirits.’

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and loving temporary home to abused, abandoned and neglected children. Furthermore, to feed, clothe and attend to any medical requirements that are needed, and introduce them to a family structure, thus preparing them for the future.

Into the Future…

We would like to see Miracle Kidz grow. Eventually we would like to buy a house to enable us to foster children – different to the safe house we currently have – where children are able to remain in foster care until they are 18 years old. We think a homely atmosphere is important to the children, giving them a sense of family and of belonging.

We believe that each one of our children is indeed a ‘miracle kid’ for they are survivors of abuse, abandonment and neglect. We do not have major sponsors and rely on the kindness of individual to help us. If you would like to contribute, our bank details are:

Bank Details:

ABSA – Savings Account

Account name: Miracle Kidz

Account number: 919 328 7897

Branch code: 334312

Reference: Your Name

Elsie cuddling one of the babies, with Beryl

Contact details:

Elsie du Plessis

Mobile: 072 761 9301

Fax: 086 546 5078

Email: strandmiraclekids@gmail.com




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